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Auditioning at MWSU is a great way to get a sense of the welcoming atmosphere at our school.  When you come for your audition, you will play 2 pieces of your choice that show off your talents.  These pieces should be contrasting.  For example a slow baroque piece and a fast modern piece.  You will most likely be playing in a classroom in front of about 3-4 faculty members.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions about auditioning.  I am more than happy to give you a free online lesson to help you prepare for your audition!

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Often students will use the music they prepared for District Band Auditions or their Solo Festival Pieces.  The important thing is that you choose music that you feel comfortable playing and that you sound good on.  Here are more suggestions:

J.S. Bach - Sonatas for Flute  example

Chaminade- Concertino  music

Telemann - Sonatas for Flute   examples

Handel - Sonatas for Flute  example

Gaubert -  Fantasie   example

Gaubert - Madrigal  example

Gaubert Nocturne  example

Gluck - Dance of the Blessed Spirits  ex.

Faure - Fantasy  example

Mozart - Concerto in G or D

Mozart - Andante    example

Music from the books:

     Flute Music by French Composers

     Flute Music by Female Composers


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