2020 Spring Semester (See projects at bottom of page)


Recordings and Info

We will be collecting our favorite recordings and historical information on this page.  Along with suggestions and information about ornamentation and performance practice.


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The mission of the Department of Music is to provide a comprehensive curriculum and music instruction by faculty active locally, regionally and nationally as  performers, conductors, researchers and educators. Missouri Western music students get many performance opportunities as well as individualized attention from faculty.
Instrumental, piano, and vocal soloists and ensembles are winning state and national awards, raising awareness and appreciation of the quality and exciting opportunities at Missouri Western.


Spring 2020 Semester

Week 1- 1/17 Snow Day

Week 2- 1/24 Snow Day  

C Major/A minor Scales

Begin Work on First Movement of Handel Sonatas 

Week 3 -  1/31 

Warm-up: Whistle Tones - Focus on Right Hand

F Major/D Minor Scales 

First Movement of Handel Sonatas - add ornamentation from Kuijken recording

Brainstorm Semester Project

Week 4 - 2/7

Warm - up: Long Tones - Focus on Left Hand

G Major/E Minor Scales

First and Second Movement of Handel Sonatas - add ornamentation from Bennet recording

Pick Semester Project

Week 5 - 2/14

Warm - up: Harmonics - Focus on Head Position

B flat Major/G Minor Scales 

Continue Handel - add all breath marks, phrasing, metronome goals

Set deadlines for project

Week 6- 2/21

Warm-up: Breathing Exercises

D Major/B Minor Scales

Handel third movements - add ornamentation

Begin music by female composers - work on biography paragraph

Resumes in Binder

Week 7 -  2/25 (no lessons on Friday 2/28)

Warm-up: Breathing Exercises

E flat Major/C Minor Scales

Handel Duets -Sight Reading

Handel third movements - add breath marks

Music by female composers - Biography Due (one paragraph summarizing composers bio)

Week 8 3/6

Warm-up: Fast Fingers Wye 

A Major/F Minor Scales

Handel Duets - Sight Reading

Handel 3 movement run-through

Music by female composers - add breath marks

Semester Project - Check on progress

Spring Break!

Week 9 - 3/20

Warm-up: Breath Support, shoulders

A flat Major/f Minor Scales

Handel Duets - Sight Read

Music by female composers - Boulanger Initiative

Week 10 3/24 Make-up lessons and Studio Handel Concert!!  3/27 - Audition Day and lessons

Warm-up: Sitting in ensembles

D flat Major/B flat Minor Scales

C sharp Major/A sharp Minor Scales

Handel Duets - Sight Read

Handel - Choose one movement for juries

Female Composers - metronome goals

Week 11 4/3

Warm-up: Spine, long tones with tuner

B Major/G sharp Minor Scales

C flat Major/A flat Minor Scales

Handel - Practice for juries 

Female Composers - metronome, check pitch

Semester Project - Check on Progress

Week 12 4/10

Warm-up: Long tones with tuner

G flat Major/E flat Minor Scales

F sharp Major/D sharp Minor Scales

Handel for juries

Female Composers - Practice for studio run-through

Week 13 - Tuesday, 4/14 Make up Lessons and Studio Female Composer Run-Through, 4/17 Audition Day

Warm-up: Playing when nervous, visualizing, Wye - color exercises

All Scales

Handel for juries

Week 14 4/24 

Warm up: Mental warm-up, Wye - color exercises

All Scales

Jury run-through

Wrap-up Semester Project

Week 15 Juries



What we are working on!


Who knew this was going to open such a can of worms for all of us!?!  Click here for links to articles and videos.  We will be documenting some of our discoveries on the blog and in the KCFA newsletter.


This is our weekly goal sheet to help students organize their thoughts and practice for lessons.


More to come!!


More to come!...


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