Song to the Moon

This has got to be one of the most beautiful and captivating performances I have ever seen. The Royal Albert Hall is huge!! I can't see one person move. They are completely riveted by Rene Fleming's performance of Dvorak's Song to the moon. Here is a translation of the text taken from this site:

The Context of "Song to the Moon"

This particular aria is sung by the title character, Rusalka, in the opera's first act. Rusalka is the daughter of a water-goblin who wants nothing more than to be human after she falls in love with a hunter/prince who frequents the lake in which she lives. Rusalka sings this song asking the moon to reveal her love to the Prince. 

Moon, high and deep in the sky

Your light sees far,

You travel around the wide world,

and see into people's homes.

Moon, stand still a while

and tell me where is my dear.

Tell him, silvery moon,

that I am embracing him.

For at least momentarily

let him recall of dreaming of me.

Illuminate him far away,

and tell him, tell him who is waiting for him!

If his human soul is, in fact, dreaming of me,

may the memory awaken him!

Moonlight, don't disappear, disappear!


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